What's the Right age?

The American Association of Orthodontics suggests that children be seen for a consultation with an orthodontist by the age of 7 - and we agree. While treatment is often not needed at this time, Dr. Keller is concerned that FUNCTIONALLY the teeth come together properly - (ie, crossbites, big overbites, teeth that stick out so far that there would be a risk of fracture, not enough room for teeth to come in, or underbites). These issues can often be addressed at an early age, and may result in more positive growth patterns or less intensive orthodontic treatment later. Dr. Keller is also sensitive to the impact that certain orthodontic conditions can have on the self-esteem of a young child, and can discuss treatment to address some of these issues as well.  

We provide this initial exam and periodic monitoring at no cost , so there's no obstacle to learning more about your child's orthodontic future.